About Us

The Thorne & Moorends Food Bank Group is an independent food bank.  We were created in 2014 to help support the people within our community who were suffering from food poverty.  The food bank is staffed entirely by volunteers who feel passionately about eradicating food poverty in modern day Britain, our volunteers give their time free of charge to help with the distribution of our food parcels.

What do our food parcels contain?

Our food parcels aim to provide a varied, nutritious variety of food to last for three days.  A typical parcel could contain:
3 Breakfasts:
Cereal, beans, spaghetti etc
3 lunches:
Soup, beans, tuna, etc, dinner, tinned meat e.g. minced beef, Irish stew, chicken in sauce,pasta sauce, pasta or rice.

A bag containing fruit and vegetables:
Apples, pears, bananas or oranges.
Potatoes, onions and carrots.
Obviously the content of these parcels is dependent on what we have, fruit and potatoes may be substituted for tinned alternatives if we run out of fresh.

It's about more than food...

The Food Bank aims to provide much more than bags of food to those who are hungry in our community.  We provide support, a cup of tea, a warm smile and a listening ear.  We strive to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  We want everyone who is truly hungry to feel welcome, we want our community to embrace the food bank in their time of need and not feel embarrassed.

Want to visit Thorne & Moorends Food Bank Group?

The Food Bank is open at The Rugby Clubhouse, Church Balk, Thorne, DN8 5BU. We are open Wednesdays 9am to 12pm. We are an independent Food Bank, you do not need to be referred, if you need food we will help you. Please bring photo ID if possible together with proof of address, we ask for a £2 donation, if you don't have this we will not turn you away, we are here to help you. You will be be asked a few questions about your circumstances in private, all your information is kept confidential, you will be offered a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit, we give you 3 days of food including a bag of fruit and veg, we ask that you come to us once per month if possible, we don't want you to become reliant on the Food Bank, we are here to help, if you need food more than once a month we would never turn you away. We have our own welfare advisor, who can help with some problems, we also have a drugs and alcohol advisor. We can sign post you to other agencies, please don't feel ashamed or embarrassed, all our friendly volunteers understand and will never be judgemental.

 Hunger does not discriminate, nor do we.